Dozens of jumps down into the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls are captured on video on a weekly basis. It's much less common however to see footage of people taking flight off a portion of canyon wall located just feet from the parking lot of Home Goods.

A recent video uploaded to YouTube on the channel of Jen Kumar shows one area daredevil waiting for foot traffic to end along a walking trail near the shopping center, before taking a running leap off a nearby cliff. This guy gets my vote for best Twin Falls jump for the month of March.

The 73-second video posted just days ago begins with the guy waiting for the walking path just below the parking lot to clear. Then, he proceeds across the path, and down a small hill to the jump point, located about 40 or 50 feet away. The first tense moment is watching his parachute open and nearly clip a surrounding tree.

It's obvious this person knows what he's doing, but I couldn't help but think, losing your footing before taking off from the ledge would have disastrous consequences. The guy proceeds to glide downward toward the river, and pulls off a pair of rather impressive, mid-air, sideways revolutions.

I am constantly in awe of these people. I have profound respect for those who live their lives unafraid of testing the boundaries of human peril for the sake of a personal hobby.

Thanks to the person who shared this video. It was a very impressive jump. I give the landing a 10.

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