Brad already talked about the dangers of staring directly at the sun, so how are you supposed to watch the partial solar eclipse today? We're all going back to the 2nd grade on this one and making a Pinhole Viewer.

The idea is simple: the light from the sun is filtered through a pinhole in a piece of paper allowing you to safely view the moon's transition across the face of the sun.


A Pinhole Viewer is a really simple and really cool way to experience the eclipse. Here's what you'll need:

  • A piece of cardboard, or thick paper
  • A piece of tinfoil
  • A needle
  • And some tape.

This is really easy. Take your flat piece of cardboard and cut a square in the middle. Tape your piece of tinfoil over the hole you just cut. Poke a hole in the tinfoil with the needle and you're done. You now have a Pinhole Viewer.

You'll have to adjust how far you hold the pinhole from the ground, or other surface to create the image The size of the needle hole is important as well: too small and it will be dim but sharp; too big and it can be blurry. Experiment and remember to take pictures!

The results won't be spectacular with this method, but remember it's an experience just being in a solar eclipse. Throw a barbeque or just get your family together. The best pictures of the eclipse will be online later tonight anyway.

Enjoy the partial solar eclipse this evening!

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