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I don’t know!

I eat pie twice a year (and yes, I know I don’t need it).  At Thanksgiving, I like a slice or two of pie.  The same at Christmas.  Then I’m good for another 11 months.  Searching through the extensive archives of Townsquare Media here in Twin Falls, I came across a story written by a colleague in 2016.  He cites that Idaho’s favorite pie is huckleberry.  What a shock!  It’s the state fruit.  Oh, I need to mention that Liyah Babayan left me some specially made huckleberry white chocolate.  Just looking at the package makes my stomach growl.

Huckleberry is Idaho’s favorite year-round pie, however.  Is it the state’s favorite holiday pie?  I have a family member who loves pumpkin pie.  I can take it or leave it.  The same with sweet potato pie.  As a boy, I liked a mince pie my Aunt Margie made and especially my mom’s homemade pecan pie.  I would say the latter is my favorite pie this time of year but I wouldn’t eat it during summer.  For me, apple pie is the winner any time of year and blueberry is a close second.

I’m not a big cream pie-guy.  Banana cream is o.k. but in small helpings.  I won’t eat custard pies.  Come to think of it, I won’t eat custard of any kind and generally avoid rice pudding.

Otherwise, this time of year, if I can’t have pie I’ll look for a blueberry cobbler.

I think I’ve covered all bases but one.  Before dessert, it’s turkey before ham.

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