This is great news cause I have a friend who is total iPhone hater, and often suggests that people who use iPhones are dumb. Well guess what... When you watch a movie, any movie, the villain won't ever have an iPhone. Here's why.

The Director of "Knives Out" and "The Last Jedi" has revealed that movie makers are allowed to utilize iPhones, but the bad guy can't use one. That's a rule that Apple has when it comes to their products being used in films. A great example of this is in Knives Out where everyone seems to be using an iPhone except for the bad guy.

So, in essence, you can kind of spoil a movie ahead of time if you're trying to figure out the bad guy and you pay attention to their phones.

This is somewhat validating and at least a point I can throw in my friend Fred's face. He HATES iPhones and Apple products and thinks they're only for dumb people. Well, I'm definitely one of those dumb people cause I love my iPhone and I'd have even more Apple products in my possession if I had the budget for it.

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