After 51 hours in captivity, Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was rescued on Friday after being kidnapped from his home in Venezuela. Investigators quickly found the car used to abduct Ramos, and the house used to prepare for the kidnapping. From there, they zoned in on a cabin in the mountains where they suspected Ramos was being held.

The four kidnappers shot back with gunfire once police arrived, and Ramos says he hid under the bed during the ordeal.

“There were many shots fired,” he said. “I could not do anything but get under the bed, to pray, to cry, and then I felt a great relief when I heard the police yell my name. That is when I responded, because I could not even speak.”

They had done their homework, Ramos said, and knew a good deal about him and his routine. He was skeptical about the food they served him, afraid of what might be inside it. Once he returned home during the early hours of Saturday, he showered, ate and celebrated with his family.

“Thanks to God I am again in my home, alive,” he said. “I do not have the words to express everything I feel. I thank you for your support. Thank you, really. I love you very much.”

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