Kids seem to love black lights, especially at amusement parks. I'm personally not a fan of black lights because I love to wear black, and black shirts under a black light show dust and lint on your shirt. It's almost gross looking.

Apparently, I am the only one that doesn't care for black lights because there is a new trend called "glowga". Glowga is yoga that is held in a studio with a blacklight. According to, Kim DePew has been teaching black light yoga at the YMCA for a little more than a year.

Magic Valley residences, that take the class, say they like glowga better than traditional yoga because it's in the dark and people can't see them. I understand their point because I like spinning class because it's in the dark, but black lights make you glow. So, I am not sure I would want my yoga pants to light up while I was exercising.


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