After Jerome County voters turned down a $13-million dollar bond to build a new county jail for the third time, county commissioners are trying to find innovative ways to get an acceptable facility to jail inmates.  Tom Mikesell, now the owner of GM Technologies, based in Jerome, thinks he has a solution.  That is to remodel the former Con Paulos Auto Dealership which sits vacant on South Lincoln Street.  Mikesell says the building could be remodeled to required specifications and save the taxpayers of Jerome County money over building a new facility.  No cost estimates are available yet but Mikesell says his company is willing to pay half the cost of a fact-finding study.  Jerome County officials say it’s an interesting proposal and they are going to discuss it to see if it’s something they want to pursue.  Officials say they are also exploring a couple of other options.  Right now Jerome County is having to send inmates out of the county since the current jail is too small and does not meet certain requirements.