Breitbart, Terrorism & Twin Falls
Refugees and Islamic terrorists are once again at the top of the news this week.  Many of the fears across the country are magnifications of life in Twin Falls, Idaho.
City Gets Check for Chobani Projects
(KLIX)-The city of Twin Falls took a check for $150,000 from the non-profit organization Business Plus. It will be used to fund infrastructure projects associated with the Chobani Plant. Its made up of Magic Valley investors aimed at encouraging local business growth...
URA Raises Line of Credit on Chobani Project
Twin Falls (KLIX)- The Twin Falls Urban Renewal agency increased its line of credit with Chobani. The original Agreement set the line of credit at about $17million dollars. Since then the size of the project and costs associated with infrastructure has increased...
More Sewer Line Work Awarded
The city of Twin Falls has awarded another contract for the Northeast Sewer Project. It connects the Chobani plant with the city’s waste water system. Stutzman Incorporated won the bid at little more than $75,000. The city is only funding part of the work...

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