Commentary: The Jetson’s Have Arrived
I want one.  Maybe two.  I think the radio station could use this for remote broadcasts.  I fly into the mountains, turn on my microphone and off we go.  Some things in the future are worth waiting for.
Top 6 Things Found By The TSA Last Year
Everybody seems to hate the TSA. And I mean everybody! I bet that when a TSA worker goes through the line before they fly - they hate the TSA. But, for all the hate they get, they do keep a ton of crazy stuff off the planes.
Twin Falls Zip Line Nearly Ready To Fly
A zip line adventure being constructed for Magic Valley Flight Simulations in the Snake River Canyon is coming along quickly and but by the first of May.  Just last month the owners of Magic Valley Flights Simulations, Jody Tatum and Dave Fairfield received approval from the Twin Falls County…
Zip Line Construction To Begin Immediately
Earlier this week Twin Falls County commissioners approved a proposal from Magic Valley Flight Simulation to build a six zip line course at the base of the Snake River Canyon.  And just yesterday, an outfitting permit was approved by the State of Idaho.  And now, Magic Valley Flight Simulation  hope…
Snake River Zip Line Challenged
In late December the Twin Falls City Planning and Zoning Commission granted a special use permit to Magic Valley Flight Simulation to construct a zip-line in the Snake River.  The vote to grant the permit was 7 to 1.  That decision is now being appealed by a resident near the affected area…