Meet The New Top Story Host – KLIXcast
His name is Bill Colley and he is from Delaware.  He will be the new Top Story host starting January 2nd.

Steve Milllington with the Twin Falls Republicans...talks about the possibility of the Idaho Legislature discussing the "add the words" issue
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Possibilities for 2015 Idaho Legislature – KLIXcast
Steve Millington with the Twin Falls Republicans looks ahead to some issues for the 2015 Idaho Legislature.

KMVT Chief Meteorologist Brian Neudorf says we may have a white Christmas.
Gift ideas for your child's teacher...#1 is a bottle of Tequila
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Still Mad About Grand Jury Decisions? Grant Loebs Explains
Protesters across the country claim the Grand Juries erred in their decisions not to indict police for shooting "unarmed black men" for alleged crimes.  Twin Falls County prosecutor Grant Loebs explains the process.

Steve Millington with the Twin Falls Republicans joins us at 8…
Help! I’m Drowning In Debt…What Can I Do? KLIXcast
If your credit cards are out of control and/or your medical bills are eating you alive, there is hope.  The "rescue squad" at Consumer Credit Management Services of Twin Falls!

Steve Millington with the Twin Falls Republicans has some insight into the upcoming Idaho legislative…

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