A Touching Story That is Sweeping the Nation [Video]
Police Officers go above and beyond everyday to ensure that complete strangers are safe. After a deadly crash in Brigton, Colorado, Nick Struck with the Colorado Police Department found himself comforting a toddler soaked in gasoline.
Commentary: Muslim Minority Rules
Why are we letting hoodlums, Muslims and homosexuals run the country?  Since I’m reminded daily in media these minorities are terribly oppressed because they can’t get what they want 100 percent of the time then I’m supposed to surrender or toss m…
The Most Obese Professions Will Surprise You
I think movies have done a pretty good job of lying to us and building false representations of certain professions. If you were to ask me what I thought the most obese profession was - I wouldn't pick any that actually made the list!
Ford Pickup Drives Into Pizza Hut on Addison
You'll typically see a lot of weird things on Facebook, but something's really catch you off guard. Like a truck in the middle of the lobby inside Pizza Hut. Twin Falls Police Department posted the above picture of their Facebook page last. Apparently, a white Ford pick…
Should Magic Valley Police Wear Cameras?
Several police departments in southern Idaho already require personal cameras on officers.  Many others do not.  Cost is an issue.  Do you think all police should wear cameras?

Ella Donahue will have the CSI Update at 8:20.
Dave Workman will tell us about all the cool ways to win in the…
Ticket Phone Scam Hits Twin Falls
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- Citizens of Twin Falls are now target of a phone scam attempting to get money. According to the City of Twin Falls people have said a person called them with a heavy accent claiming to be with police.
Filer, Idaho Police Officer Shoots and Kills Dog – Twin Falls Reacts
A video from the Filer, Idaho Police Department has shocked the Magic Valley. It shows Filer Police Officer Tarek Hassani responding to a call about loose dogs in a neighborhood. When confronted by two dogs Officer Hassani shoots one.
Did Officer Hassani make the right decision? Here's what Twin…

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