Twin Falls Sheriff Warns of Scam Targeting Doctors
The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office says a recent scam is targeting area doctors. Recently four separate doctors officers informed the sheriff's office that someone had called claiming the sheriff, Tom Carter, is looking for the doctor because he has a warrant for their arrest
Scam Targets Idaho Power Customers
According to Idaho Power, scammers have been calling customers, telling them to submit immediate payment or power will be shut off in their home. Don't believe the caller. It's a scam.
CSI Student Loan Fraud Alert
The College of Southern Idaho has posted a warning about a CSI student loan relief program that's being sent to Facebook Users.
Warning: Scam Artists Trolling Twin Falls
Scam season has returned to the Magic Valley this autumn.  Sgt. Dan Thom from the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Department explains some of the confidence games have reached epidemic levels.  Unfortunately, some of your neighbors have lost significant amounts of money because they didn’t do their home…

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