You have to be so careful of every email you open, every phone call you receive from a number you don't know, and text messages as well. Scams are everywhere, and everyone is looking for a way to make extra cash in the easiest way possible. The people of Twin Falls are not immune to scams, and there are many in the area. You have to be cautious and do your homework, especially with social media and technology these days. There is a scam online in Twin Falls that somebody is sure to fall for but beware before giving your money away.

Scam in Twin Falls

Credit: Artur
Credit: Artur

My wife and I recently discovered a scam in Twin Falls and almost fell for it, before realizing something was off. A poster online posted pictures of a puppy that we both found adorable and wanted to adopt. The poster said we could come to see the dog in the afternoon, but then went radio silent on us for hours. Since people can get busy, we never thought anything of it, but when the lady finally replied, she said it would be a $200 deposit to hold the dog, and then $300 to purchase it once we got there. Originally she had said we could come by and see it and see if we were a good match but later turned into an asking price to come by. Paying a deposit for a dog that she can turn and sell to somebody else, or if we are not a good match seems like a great way to get money from a few different people. 

Beware of Dog Scam in Twin Falls

Credit: Stuart Miles
Credit: Stuart Miles

While some may think this is standard business, I would agree if we came to meet the dog first and then decided to adopt it because it was too young or not ready yet. This dog was old enough to be adopted already and a deposit to come meet the dog, especially $200, is a little steep. This person could never sell the dog or eventually sell it to the highest bidder, once they have accepted a certain amount of deposits. We didn't know how to respond to the message and in less than an hour, the poster had blocked us. If you are searching for a puppy or dog this spring, beware of any potential scams, as there are sure to be more like this out there. Anytime you are buying online, make sure to not send money without physically seeing what you buying in person and meeting the person first. This is to help protect you from any potential scam. 

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It is better to waste your time and gas trying to meet somebody somewhere and find out it is a scam and save your money, than to fall for the scam and be out of the money you will never see again. Sadly, so many scams are taking place these days, especially ones like these that are local and easy to avoid. As you browse through buy and sell pages and Facebook markets, be cautious, smart, and safe to avoid any potential scams. Do your homework and use your best judgment. If it feels off and smells fishy, it most likely is a scam. 

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