Thieves are always looking for new ways to facilitate their criminal endeavors. Reports of people finding cash on their windshields just prior to being victimized have surfaced in the United States.

A good rule of thumb for this story is if you ever find what looks like cash stuck between a wiper blade and your automobile's windshield, drive to your local police department and further investigate the issue. People are apparently getting carjacked after they start their engines, and then proceed to exit vehicles after noticing the phony cash on the window.

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Get our free mobile app (via Newsweek) shared details of the reported latest auto heist strategy used by lowlife criminals across the country. These losers are reportedly printing fake $100 bills and stuffing them on windshields. I've driven off many times only to discover religious pamphlets or late-night rave invitations stuck to my window, but I've never seen fake money.

People should be especially skeptical of finding real cash on their windshields in this economy. If this happens to you in Twin Falls, get out of the area quickly and drive to a location with a lot of people, and then call the sheriff or police department immediately. Hopefully, if this desperate tactic does find its way to Twin Falls, we can get those responsible behind bars where they belong.

Be careful out there Twin Falls. There are some ruffians about. Cash on your windshield isn't a kind gesture from a fellow Idahoan, but instead the act of a lazy moron who doesn't want to get a job and obey the law.

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