There are some who might say that Twin Falls is plenty big enough and that we don't need any more restaurants or businesses. That may be true, but that doesn't mean we can't dream about having a few of the chain restaurants and businesses other cities get to enjoy. I'm not saying we bring back Blockbuster, even though that would be cool for a while, but along with businesses we've never had here it would be nice for a few of the ones we've lost to return.

I'm also not going to include a drive-in movie theater on the list because that would just make some of us want to cry. Pretend I didn't mention it.

What Chain Stores Do We Wish We Had In Twin Falls?

Some of the stores on this list we've had in Twin Falls, but now they are gone and others we have never had the privilege of experiencing here:

What Chain Restaurants Do We Wish We Had In Twin Falls?

It doesn't matter what new restaurants come to town, we'll always want more. On this list, there's only one that I know of that was mentioned before in another story:

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Full disclosure: I haven't been to all of these businesses. I'm adding them to the list because, despite the fact I've never been to them, I still hear everyone talking about them. That must mean they are worth it.

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