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I’ll say we’ll have a new Sheriff in town and that his name will be Jack Johnson.  The Twin Falls County Commissioner, pictured above left with fellow Commissioner Don Hall on the right, has somewhat of a Longmire appeal.  Johnson worked in his early days as a range deputy and for many years as Undersheriff in Jerome County.  Current Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter doesn’t have re-election plans.

Commissioner Johnson shared his plans with me on Monday.  When I asked if I should keep a lid on his plans, he told me it was already making the rounds in public.  He plans a formal announcement next Wednesday, the 21st, at 5:30 p.m. on the courthouse steps.  He’ll be joined by another county office seeker (I’ll write about that later).

Johnson has more than three decades of law enforcement experience, is a dedicated family man, and raises corgis.  You could say he has varied interests.  From martial arts to hunting big game.  He grew up on a farm and knows a few things about hard work.

If this sounds like an endorsement, it sure is when it comes to character.  Most county voters have seen him at any number of public events.  The Murtaugh resident keeps a schedule of seven days a week.

He has worked alongside Sheriff Carter in finding an affordable solution for jail overcrowding and knows the concerns of law enforcers.  As the county population continues to grow, he would also know how the administrative side of government works.

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