Before his death at the hands of a man with a long criminal history, Ada County Sheriff Deputy Tobin Bolter and his wife planned to raise a flagpole outside his home.  Two weeks after he was killed during a traffic stop, the pole and flag are in place.  Good-hearted Idahoans and many of Bolter’s colleagues in law enforcement found raising the flag was a way to memorialize the man.  The pole was donated, and in a matter of days the post was set and now the flag is flying at his home.

Bolter was buried last week.  He wasn’t even 30 years old at the time of his death.  His wife is expecting a baby.  He was known to the people who worked with him and among friends as kind and loyal.  During his funeral procession last week, first responders from across North America were in attendance.  The route was lined with everyday people waving the blue flag of law enforcement and the American flag he so greatly respected.

The overwhelming majority of Idahoans are supportive of the men and women who daily protect them, but a handful are persistently troubled.  Bolter was gunned down by a man who had a simple warrant out for his arrest.  Had he surrendered, he would’ve likely made a court appearance and then been bailed.

Instead, he chose a violent response.  The killer later died violently in a standoff with police.

Passersby will likely be stirred by the site of the flag at the Bolter home for many years.

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