Maybe the big donors funding terrorist sympathizers on campus can’t locate Idaho.  I glanced at a TV screen that showed a map of the United States with dots on every state where the Hamas network has gained a foothold on a university campus.  Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada are currently free of campus clowns.  A local Republican operative told me we haven’t seen many professional agitators arrive on campuses, and with summer break arriving, not anytime soon.

There’s a second reason.  We don’t have so many empty heads among our young.  Most didn’t grow up the spoiled kids of limousine liberals.  Instead, ours go to college to learn something.

With the hope of someday making a good living and not being a pimple attached to the social welfare system.

Still, we do have our share of whining snowflakes, as evidenced by what happened last year when a popular burger joint opened in the Treasure Valley.  The little malcontents blocked some customers from entering.  If you make me late for dinner, especially after a long wait, you’re not likely getting my support.

As even Bill Maher stated, you don’t win converts when you block streets and roads.  The idiots may not realize, but some people have jobs they need to get to, or kids to pick up at daycare.  They don’t have Au Pairs substituting as mom and dad.

Many of the miserable little ones currently brawling, burning, and smashing windows may grow to regret their flirtation with evil.  If not, they’ll be joining faculties within a few years.

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