Most of you have seen the film Christmas Vacation a time or two. One of the most iconic scenes in the 1989 Chevy Chase holiday classic has to do with his character's fascination with "exterior illumination."

We just got done watching Christmas Vacation again over the weekend. I would wager I've seen the movie every year during the holidays since it was released 32 years ago. Christmas Vacation and It's a Wonderful Life are my two favorite Christmas movies ever made.

We are big fans of holiday decorating in our family. I'd like to think my skills are pretty advanced in the category of exterior holiday decorating, but since moving to Twin Falls years ago one neighbor has outdone me by leaps and bounds. His name is Cameron, and he's a great dude.

The crazy thing about Cameron is we never see him putting up his lights; he's stealthy like that. I have a habit of looking out the front window onto our street once an hour or so, and on Saturday night there it was, shining as bright as heaven. He even wrapped lights around his chimney for crying out loud.

Cameron's holiday handiwork is the best display I've seen so far in at least a five-block radius. He definitely earned his crown as Lord Lights in our neck of the woods.

Is there a neighbor of yours that ups the ante as far as Christmas decorations every year? Do you live near a real-life Clark Griswold? Happy Holidays Twin Falls, and remember to go BIG.

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