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I keep a lot of canned goods.  I’m a minor league prepper.  Not a major league all-star, but the idea is the same.  If the grid goes down for a couple of weeks, I want some non-perishables to tide me over.  I’ve got canned meats, fruits, vegetables, and soups.  Are they all healthy?  Look, I like SPAM, but I also know each can is loaded with salt.  The plan isn’t to eat it every day.  In the past, it kept armies on the march and it fed Europe after World War Two.

A website called is weighing the pros and cons of various canned goods.  The writer mentions the acid in tomato sauces can have an impact on the chemical liners in the can.  If you leave the sauce on the shelves for a very long time.  Tomato sauce cans never make it a week in storage at my house!

I was aware many canned fruits are high in sugar because of the syrup in the can.  I generally rinse the fruit in a strainer.  Sugar and salt appear the biggest culprit in canned goods.  However, I rarely add any extra salt to foods.  I don’t even own a salt shaker. I stopped putting sugar in cereal when I was in grade school, and I never put it in coffee.

My experience is that most people above the age of eight know about moderation

I recall hearing about one of those studies that warned we shouldn’t drink pop with artificial sweeteners. It was said the chemicals caused cancer in lab rats.  The rats were fed the equivalent of a human drinking 300 cans a day!  All the more reason people no longer trust expert opinions.

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