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What?  No beer?

So, you’ve just been diagnosed with coronavirus and will be confined for two weeks at home.  You likely don’t need a closet filled with toilet paper and pallets of bottled water.  The tap will suffice.  What you want are some balanced meals.  You would likely have a combination of canned and frozen foods.  Fish would be a good start.  Fruit as well.  The beer, not so much.

You would likely have a combination of canned and frozen foods.

I only mention it because it reminds me of a story a friend told me.  He was attending college in 1985 when a tremendous blizzard roared through.  It dropped as much as 4 feet of snow on campus and across the city.  Classes were cancelled for days.  Housebound, he and his friends were thirsty.  They waded through deep snow until they found an open convenience store.  They bought cases of beer and then carried them home.

They were young and healthy.  Those are the people who can best withstand the flu or Covid-19.  Doctors would also tell you alcohol is a poor choice when sick no matter your age!

The Washington Post sought out some advice from chefs and nutritionists.  Some suggest cook a lot early and then store what you need.  In a few days, you may not be in any mood for cooking.  It may not be fresh after a few days frozen or refrigerated but can still be healthy and you won’t need a return trip to the grocery, where you could spread the virus.

For breakfast, oatmeal and walnuts could be a good idea.  You can see the Post’s story by clicking here.

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