DIETRICH, Id. (KMVT-KSVT) Serious allegations are being made involving an assault on a student at Dietrich High School in Lincoln County. Since Monday, KMVT has received calls from parents in Dietrich saying a student was sexually assaulted with a foreign object in the high school locker room, and that the victim's injuries were serious enough to require a trip to the hospital.

So far, all we have on the record is a statement from the Superinntendent of Dietrich Schools. Here is what he had to say.

"Any time there are any type of report or allegation we put our full effort as school and school administrators to look into those reports. We're an educational entity, we're here to see to the needs of the kids of the community, to see to their education and their care and we take that very seriously. I'm not a liberty to discuss any details about any student disciplinary actions and actions involving a student. We do that to protect our kids and we do that to be in compliance with state law," said Benjamin Hardcastle, Superintendent of Dietrich Schools.

On Tuesday night the school district held an emergency board meeting which resulted in two unidentified student being expelled. We asked Lincoln County Sheriff Kevin Ellis for information regarding the incident. He told us that his office has been place under a gag–order and was not able to release any information. Sheriff Ellis also indicated that an outside agency is investigating, but that he couldn't say which one. We also made three calls to the Lincoln County Prosecutor, and even stopped by his office, with no response. We have also reached out to Attorney General Lawrence Wasden regarding the investigation. An official there says they cannot confirm nor deny they are looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, no one we found on Wednesday in Dietrich was willing to talk about the situation on camera. But off camera, there appears to be no question to residents that something serious occurred and there's a widespread belief that the situation is being hushed by authorities. We'll continue to follow this story and bring you more information as it becomes available.