Roundabouts on roads are like the butt of all road jokes. Most of them look like somebody got bored and said 'I'm just going to put a circle in the road...for fun.' We even have a few roundabouts in Twin Falls. There's one by the CSI Expo Center to the west of the building and really the entire CSI campus is surrounded by a giant roundabout. Another roundabout is by the Twin Falls Visitor Center. That one looks cool but seems pointless to me. South Hills Middle School has one in their parking lot and I've seen people drive the wrong way on that pretty often.

Konnor Hale in Idaho Falls took video of a line of cars going the wrong way in a roundabout and titled it 'Only people in Idaho go the wrong way at a round about'. Maybe he posted it to be funny or maybe he didn't know that there was construction at the new round about and that was the reason for the seemingly erroneous driving. The real crime in this video is that he didn't hold his camera in landscape orientation. While some people do have issues with proper roundabout usage, it seems in this case it was only due to construction.

All this talk of roundabouts has me thinking about one of my favorite GPS commercials with Darth Vader. Check it out below and watch for the 'roundabound' part about a minute in.