We all post pictures of our kids on Instagram or on Facebook. It's our way of keeping our out-of-town friends and family caught up on what our kids are doing.

But, have you ever wondered if these pictures will embarrass your kids later on in life?

In a new survey, more than HALF of parents say they're a little worried that all the photos they post of their kids might embarrass them one day.

That's not their biggest worry, though . . . two-thirds say they're afraid someone could learn private info about their child from social media.

Still . . . almost three out of four keep posting anyway.  62% say it helps them worry less when they post because other people reassure them about their parenting . . . and 70% use Facebook to get advice from more experienced parents.

The top five things parents discuss on social media are:  How to get the kids to sleep . . . nutrition and eating . . . discipline . . . schools . . . and behavior problems.

I'll admit that I am careful with the amount of pictures I post of my children because I do worry about security and embarrassing my kids but not to the point were I think Facebook is going to seriously harm them.

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