When Lefty doesn’t get what Lefty wants, then Lefty changes the rules.  Across the country, wind and solar projects proposed for public lands are being shot down by local governments.  Councils and commissions are responding to their constituents by pulling the plug, creating moratoriums, or using existing zoning regulations.  The left claims it’s because the yokels must be misinformed.  Check out this link.  Liberals claim you’re being fed lies.  Because, after all, deep down we all want to look out our windows at massive wind turbines!

The left claims these pernicious lies and rumors are being spread by social media.  They’ll be applying more pressure on their fellow travelers policing Facebook in an attempt to silence dissent.  A couple of points are to be made.  Why are their own limousine liberals opposed to a wind project off Cape Cod?  Are they idiots too?  Second, why doesn’t the left simply create pages of their own on social media and make counterarguments?  Because when you’re insufferable, condescending virtue signalers, you turn off people.

By the way, our own battles in Idaho versus the mega wind farms are getting the attention of the national media.  The conservative Washington Examiner carries a story about the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project.  The writer makes it clear it pits the Bureau of Land Management and the developer against an aggrieved minority.  The survivors and the descendants of the Minidoka Internment Camp.

There’s a lesson for other formerly oppressed minorities.  Once you accept government reparations checks, you’re victim status expires.

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