TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The Idaho Lottery has drawn the numbers for the Idaho $1 Million Raffle making one lucky winner a millionaire for 2022. The Idaho Lottery held the annual drawing for the popular raffle that guarantees a single $1 million winner our of 250,000 tickets sold statewide; the winning number is 027047. This year tickets sold out in record time before December. Other top prizes include two $10,000 prizes, the winning numbers are 028684 and 068319. The Idaho Lottery offered more winning prizes this year with 200 prizes worth $200, 515 prizes worth $50, and 14,282 prizes worth $15. If you won more than $1,000 you have to claim the winnings at the Idaho Lottery Boise offices or mail their tickets to the Lottery offices. The Idaho Lottery said the rattle has made Idaho schools and buildings upwards of $900,000. You can check the winning numbers at or call the hotline at 208-334-4656.

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