YELLOW PINE, Idaho (KLIX) An Idaho mine contractor was not seriously injured when a boulder fell into his pickup while traveling on a back country road near Yellow Pine on St. Patrick's Day.

According to Midas Gold Corporation, a contractor for the company was traveling from the Stibnite Gold Project site when two large boulders fell down onto the road, one of them hit the Ford f-250 pickup and was lodged in the passenger side. The driver was the only person in the pickup and only suffered a minor scrape. Company officials say it was thanks to the luck of the Irish. Two other trucks were traveling with the one that was hit by the boulder.

Company officials say they continually monitor conditions along the back roads to keep workers safe. “We do not rely on luck to keep us safe, rather we inspect, check and recheck and then have a plan in case something happens anyway,” said Kyle Fend, Environmental Superintendent, Midas Gold Idaho, Inc. in a prepared statement. “We want everyone to return home safely everyday.” Road conditions are regularly reported near Yellow Pine to give drivers the heads up on changing conditions.



Photo courtesy Midas Gold Corp.