About a decade ago, I was pulled over in Twin Falls while driving at night. Like most of us I had no idea why I was being stopped. I knew I wasn't speeding or doing anything illegal. Unknowingly I was though. I had moved up here from Las Vegas and the tint on my car was dark enough that the officer couldn't see my temporary tag stuck in the back window. I had the temporary tag in the right place, according to Idaho code 49-429, but it wasn't easily visible as it should have been. Most of us already know that you are supposed to put the temporary tag in the rear window, but there's another part to the Idaho law that you probably don't know.

Under Idaho code 49-428, you're going to find an issue if you drive around in a low rider.

Every license plate shall at all times be securely fastened to the vehicle to which it is assigned to prevent the plate from swinging, be at a height not less than twelve (12) inches from the ground, measuring from the bottom of the plate

I drive an old Honda Civic and I'm honestly not sure my front license plate is in compliance with this part of the law. My car only has four inches of clearance with my front bumper plate only a few inches above that. That brings us to another part of Idaho law you may not know about. Idaho vehicles are required to have a front and rear license plate.

Other than the few laws governing our license plates, we are allowed options and leniency with their design. You can get themed plates and custom plates - though not all custom plates are approved like this lot from down in Utah and the gallery below from right here in Idaho.

Rejected Personalized License Plates In Idaho

Personalized license plates in Idaho are a highly governed and censored item. Your personalized plate can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane. That doesn't stop people from trying.

25 More Rejected Idaho License Plates

Personalized license plates in Idaho can be creative, but they can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane.
DISCLAIMER: Before you keep scrolling be advised that the plates were rejected for falling into at least one of the unacceptable categories and therefore might be offensive to see.
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