Not only is Halloween just over a month away, the crisp fall weather is greeting us in the mornings, and special fall events and Halloween attractions are getting ready to open - this week we get a Friday the 13th! This Friday the 13th is a special one too because there will also be a full moon. The Washington Post says that a full moon on a Friday the 13th hasn't happened in 13 years, since back in 2006. So, if you are especially wary of the number 13 then you may want to call in sick or scared to work. I'm not superstitious about the number 13 or even full moons, but I do find it exciting when coincidences like this happen. Being close to Halloween is just an added spooky bonus.

Now on to the disappointing part of the scary story. There won't be any werewolves emerging and the full moon won't really be that impressive. This full moon is called the Harvest Moon and is technically a micromoon. That means that the moon will be especially far away from Earth and will appear smaller and less bright than we are used to with a supermoon. Even if it won't be a visual spectacle it will be worth looking at since the next full moon on a Friday the 13th won't happen again until May of 2033.

The Herrett Center doesn't have anything special planned, according to their Facebook page, for the Friday the 13th Full Moon event but on Saturday they will be doing their monthly star party with the chance to see Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus.

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