TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) The makers of the children's fruit snack GoGo Squeez says they do not have a current recall of any of its products after old reports of a recall were recirculated on social media. Materne North America America Corp., which operates a factory in Nampa, Idaho, and makes yogurt and fruit snacks, issued the following statement on its website:

We are not currently recalling any products. We are aware of old information circulating about the recall we announced over one year ago in March of 2016, and we want to confirm that there is NO NEW RECALL. The issue from last year has long since been corrected, and we have been back in full production for months. We are confident in the quality of the products we are sending to your stores."

Last year the company had issued a voluntary recall of some of its products from a factory in Michigan. According to company information, overcooked applesauce had been discovered in the machinery at the time and ordered the product be removed from store shelves.

Several reports of last years recall where posted to social media and circulated prompting the company to issue the latest statement. In November of 2014 Materne North America started production at the Nampa factory.

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