'Glee' and 'American Horror Story' creator Ryan Murphy already had our attention with the announcement of upcoming HBO sexuality drama 'Open,' let alone after stars like Scott Speedman, Wes Bentley and 'Fringe''s Anna Torv joined the ranks. Now, 'Mission Impossible' franchise star Michelle Monaghan has joined the 'Open' cast to explore her sexuality with Anna Torv, and that's just fine by us.

News of Monaghan's casting comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who specifies that the already HBO-bound 'True Detective' star will take the 'Open' role of Grace, the successful and recently engaged gynecologist character who comes to question her marriage and sexuality upon meeting yoga instructor Windsor (Torv). Speedman will portray Grace's husband Jonathan, a sports marketing executive, while Jennifer Jason Leigh will play Torv's partner Holly, an actress committed to her career.

'Open' has been billed as “a multicharacter exploration of the complex, ever evolving landscape of sexuality, monogamy and intimacy in relationships,” written by ‘Dexter‘ co-executive producer Lauren Gussis. The drama also sees Bentley in the role of the “handsome but arrogant” Evan Foster, a blowhard who loves espousing his own theories on human sexuality.

“Gary (Newman), Bert (Salke) and I have been looking for the right opportunity to be in business with HBO for awhile, and this show represents the exact right opportunity,” said 20th Century Fox TV Chairman Dana Walden of the pay-cable network’s pilot commitment order. “Its provocative storytelling and Ryan’s trademark production values and rich, layered characters make it a perfect fit for the HBO brand.”

If you'll pardon the headline, what say you to the news? Would you be interested to see what Murphy comes up with, given such a recognizable cast in an HBO landscape? The floor is 'Open' for your thoughts in the comments! Ours are less complicated:

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