Weather permitting, those of us in southern Idaho who wake up early this week may get the opportunity to view another incredible celestial event involving the planets Jupiter and Venus.

In the early morning hours of February 11 and 12 (Thursday and Friday), Jupiter and Venus will be in conjunction at just .04 degrees apart in the sky, according to details shared at There is an approaching weather system expected to bring snow to southern Idaho beginning Thursday afternoon, so Friday's chance to witness the event will most likely be impeded by clouds.

With Valentine's Day coming on Sunday, some prognosticators are predicting the conjunction this week could be beneficial for those seeking a new connection. Venus will cast a glow six times brighter than that of Jupiter, so in order to view both planets, you'll need a telescope or binoculars, according to

Just a couple weeks ago, a conjunction between Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn wowed people all over the world. Those in the Southern Hemisphere will be treated to a much better vantage point. Those of us in the western United States might get a glimpse of the conjunction 20 to 30 minutes prior to sunrise on Thursday and Friday; the two planets will be visible to the east, according to

March 9 and 10 will also be dates to circle on the calendar for those that enjoy these types of celestial events. A quadruple alignment between the moon, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter is expected to take place.

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