If you’re not able to visit the solar eclipse’s path of totality on Monday, don’t fret too much. If you live in south-central Idaho, chances are you’ll be able to catch a pretty glimpse of the solar event.

Sure, you won’t see the full eclipse if you're not in the path of totality, but according to a new simulated graphic by the creative team at TIME magazine, Twin Falls residents should see most of the spectacular event.

The graphic allows viewers to see what the upcoming solar eclipse will look like from anywhere in the country.

Want to know what to expect to see in Twin Falls, Jerome or Burley – or anywhere else in the Magic Valley? Visit this page and click the box that reads "Solar Eclipse 2017: See the Eclipse From Anywhere in the U.S." When the simulation starts, enter your ZIP code at the top of the video graphic. You can pause the simulation, move the slider or watch the entire video that depicts what the eclipse will look like in your neck of the woods.

Pretty neat, huh? We thought so, too. Thanks TIME!

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