Maybe it’s not considered a big difference, but we’re all looking to save money when buying gas.  There are some apps available that are designed to allow you to compare prices in your immediate area.  If there is nothing more available than a couple of cents per gallon, keep in mind the adage from Ben Franklin.  A penny saved is a penny earned.

Maybe you can even save twenty cents per gallon.  I’ve seen such wide swings in a 6 block radius in Twin Falls.  One app is called Gas Guru.  Check out the link here for details.  Another popular option is GasBuddy.  Check it out here.

Privacy Can be a Concern

If you’re concerned about privacy, please do keep in mind that some of these apps do track you.  It’s how the devices can show you comparisons.  I got tipped off on these options by watching Kurt the Cyber Guy on television.

Meanwhile, a friend from Rupert told me about the Sinclair app.  This allows you as well to save up on fill-ups at local stores.  I’m guessing most gas stations have something similar.  Most grocery cards also offer gas discounts as loyalty rewards.  I saved twenty cents a gallon on my last fill-up at Smith’s.

Grocery Loyalty Cards a Good Tool

Smith’s and Fred Meyer are both Kroger stores, and if you save your receipt you can often go online, fill out a questionnaire, and get another 50 points toward your gas discount (you get to do this no more than once a week).

At Oasis, points you earn on your rewards card can later be applied to any purchase, including gas.  I once had enough points on the card that I saved 17 dollars filling up.

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