BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) -- A Montana native is recovering at a Boise hospital after he was badly injured on a hunting trip. Alone and miles from the trail, John Sain had to dig deep to survive for almost four days in remote wilderness near McCall with little food and water.

He says he backpacked about six miles down the Jackson Creek Trail toward Burgdorf last Wednesday to set up camp for a few days. After tracking an elk deep into the woods on Thursday morning he stepped on a log and slipped breaking several parts of his leg. Sain used sticks and ripped up cloth to make a splint for his injured right leg.

Then, he began to crawl. He had a survival kit with him, a little food and a water purifier. Each night, he would light a fire for warmth. But by Sunday, his fourth day alone, dehydrated and in severe pain, he started to break down. Two men on motorcycles eventually came across him injured on the trail.

One of those men rode back into cell service range and called for help. Despite everything that happened, Sain says he will go out hunting alone again, but next time with a satellite phone or GPS locator.

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