If someone was to ask me which is faster, a car or a moose, my first instinct would be to answer car. That hypothetical was put to the test in an Idaho YouTube video I recently found that was uploaded last summer.

I would never recommend trying to race a wild animal on a twisty, backcountry road. Too many things can go wrong. For instance, the animal could be harmed, or you could wrap your automobile around a tree.

It is said moose can reach speeds of close to 40 miles per hour. That's pretty fast, and is almost twice as fast as the world's most speedy Olympic sprinters. The younger the moose, the faster they run. That's displayed in this video uploaded on the YouTube channel of fishandflywithgus.

"This is probably a yearling calf," the host wrote in the video description field. "Moose are NO joke. Be safe out there friends and Adventure On!"

The footage was shot somewhere in northern Idaho, according to YouTube. The uploader also reminds viewers of the video to be careful when around these massive, powerful animals. The young animal was separated from its mother just prior to the recording being started.

When encountering animals in the wild in a car, it's usually advised to slow down and kill the engine. Let's just hope this calf wasn't permanently separated from its mother. The one thing I did take from this footage is just how incredibly beautiful these animals truly are.

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