I see a book coming here.  The man lost in the Bitterroot Range who survived on ants, grasshoppers and huckleberries is telling his story.  He was found after he wandered out of the woods after having been lost for 5 days.

Kaden Laga is the guy from Utah who went horseback riding with family.  They got split up and he roamed in hope of finding an exit before he came across a campfire.  It was at a camp being manned by a rescue crew.  There was joy all around the fire.

A couple of afternoons ago I had the TV on quietly in the background at home when I heard Laga’s name mentioned.  He was appearing on Fox News, along with his wife. 

He was driven by thoughts of leaving his wife a single mother.

You can watch the remarkable story by clicking here.

Laga, it appears, is a seasoned outdoorsman.  At one point he confessed he thought he might die.  He reasoned dying in the splendor of the Bitterroot was far better than ending life elsewhere.  The host of the program gasped when he heard Laga explain he wasn’t afraid of death and, yet.

It was thoughts of his beloved wife and a child on the way that kept him alive.  Laga got moving.  He was driven by thoughts of leaving his wife a single mother.

In no way do I wish being lost in the backcountry on anybody.  On the other hand, Laga’s higher purpose speaks of love for others.  If someone had to walk out of a forest and share the tale, he was the man for the job.

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