There is a new contest / treasure hunt underway that will net dozens of participants $5,000 each, and one lucky person will actually win their own candy factory.

Jelly Belly co-founder David Klein has created a treasure hunt for anyone interested in owning their very own candy factory. The details of the new contest can be found at, and is open to all United States residents. Klein is said to be retiring soon, and wanted to give Jelly Belly fans something big before he officially calls it quits.

Those interested in joining the hunt have to pony up $50, but will be eligible to win not only $5,000 in prizes, but will also be in the running for the opportunity to win and manage a real working candy factory. Klein himself posted to the official Golden Ticket Facebook page, in which he also plugged his documentary "Candyman: The David Klein Story."

Once someone purchases the golden ticket for the state in which they live in, they will be given clues as to where to locate certain objects that Klein and his business partner are having hidden across the U.S. These clues will lead treasure seekers to cash prizes, and ultimately one person will be given full ownership of one of Klein's, as of now undisclosed, candy factories.

Klein became partners with a Bay Area candy maker in the late-seventies, and coined the name, "Jelly Belly." The company earns close to $200 million annually.

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