I sent this video from CBS News to a couple of old friends who worked in radio and TV.  Both were news directors at multiple stations.  I referenced an old TV anchor we all knew and asked if they could imagine him doing this interview.  One of my friends simply replied, “Good God”.

Imagine Walter Cronkite doing this interview at his old network.  It wouldn’t have happened.

I could see Idaho news media doing the interview, with the same straight faces you see from the team of current hosts at the CBS Morning News.  Local media would claim anyone who found it odd was a bigot.  Does this mean they would have their kids learn math from the fellow in the wig?  Wouldn’t it be distracting?  After all, in TV news there’s an effort to sanitize hairstyles and clothing to avoid distracting from the message.  Exceptions would be the women doing weather on Mexican TV.  I don’t understand a word, but I can read a map.  When I’m looking at the map.

But here’s another thing.  The guy wearing the eyeliner makes a valid point about how math is taught in public schools.

While some kids enjoy abstract issues, it’s a subject generally presented to cure insomnia.  As far back as the 1970s, the old crones in comfortable shoes who taught me were teaching to the test.

If we expect to compete in an increasingly technical world, we need a better method.  I’m just not sure it’s a guy in a skirt.

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