Every time my kids complain that something is too difficult or the internet is too slow I want to show them how difficult things can actually be. I do shut off the internet randomly sometimes just to see them squirm, but really the time we live in is nothing like the difficult times of our predecessors. I love watching videos of how things were made before computers and robots did the hard work for us. That isn't to say there aren't hard jobs now or people in difficult situations, but check out this video from 1931.

The video is highlighting the 1931 log drives on the Clearwater River in Northern Idaho. That job looks difficult, dangerous, and crazy. The Idaho Experience posted the video to their Facebook page about a month ago and I've watched it a few times since then. The manpower and ingenuity they came up with back in the day is amazing and inspiring. These videos and histories are the reason I have my kids dig holes in the yard and move heavy objects, sometimes when it doesn't really need to be done, so they can learn to work hard and appreciate when things aren't really difficult in life.

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