Rivers were the first true roads of North America.

Escapism, I guess, but also it fueled our dreams.

I think we've a fascination with rivers, lakes and streams because it summons our wanderlust.  Many of us dream of being wealthy enough to spend our lives visiting these magnificent places.  The economist and writer, Thomas Sowell, recently announced his retirement so he can better photograph these truly awesome vistas.  I do much the same many weekends and vacations.  It conjures some old memories.  As small town boys, we used to climb atop my cousins sugar shack, look at the stars and listen to far away radio signals.

Escapism, I guess, but also it fueled our dreams.  I'm a multi-media guy and some of you may read my weekly newspaper column.  This week, I wrote about the plans for adventure a group of us had when we were children.  Dreams are often deferred, but don't go away.

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