The legislative committee charged with the task of redrawing Idaho’s legislative boundaries met again in Boise yesterday.  One of the issues facing the committee is a new law passed by the Idaho Legislature in 2009 requiring a major state or federal highway connect two counties in the same district.  According to the Times News that law can be overridden if five of the six members on the committee vote that the “communities of interest” in a proposed district outweigh the need for a highway.  The bottom line is…there just aren’t enough major highways in Idaho.  Those on the committee say they are trying to follow the law as closely as possible.  Right now the Democratic Plan differs from the Republican to rezone the Magic Valley.  The Democrats on the committee say their plan keeps Twin Falls in it’s own district and would create another district for rural Twin Falls County and all of Jerome County.  The Republican plan would keep Twin Falls divided and protect the current legislators.  More meetings of the committee are scheduled for the weeks ahead.

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