He was born William West Anderson.  After serving as a disc jockey in the Army, he took up acting and went by the name Adam West.  His breakthrough role came in his late 30s.  For a generation of Americans, he remains the one and only Batman.  After the show ended, he was typecast.  He was offered the role of James Bond when Sean Connery no longer wanted the job.  West said no.  He thought a Brit should play Bond.  An Australian actor then took up the role.

As his career stalled, West moved his family to Ketchum.  He spent many of his later years in Idaho.

The man had a successful second career as a comic voice actor.  Most notably, he plays a character based on his cornball personality in Family Guy.

His ability to play the comic role was part of his overall personality.  Locals who encountered him when shopping say he would often launch into his Batman character when they met him.

A woman who worked for a local heating company used to telephone him.  He was a client.  Her name was Robin.  He would respond in character, call her old chum, and ask how she was doing.

During his days as Batman, he guest-hosted Hollywood Palace.  He opened the show with a number.  You can watch the video below.

For guys my age, the character was the ultimate good guy.  He and his children were touring the Vatican when the show was in its first run.  Pope Paul VI learned he was on the grounds and invited him for an audience, explaining that Batman was a good role model!

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