I had a pastor and he liked the Seahawks.  He grew up in Lewiston.  I can see how some in the panhandle like ugly uniforms.  Seattle has been their TV team for almost 50 years (the original uniforms were easier on the eyes but looked like an illegitimate union between the Cowboys and Lions).

Sportskeeda ranked the Seahawks as Idaho’s favorite team, however.  I’ve seen other websites that claim Dallas is the most popular franchise here.  Anecdotally, I meet mostly Green Bay fans.  On Sunday mornings in the fall, I see plenty of green and gold when I’m grocery shopping.

I know a few diehard Las Vegas fans and a neighbor keeps telling me the 49ers would’ve advanced to the Super Bowl had Brock Purdy stayed healthy.  My neighbor, frequently swathed in red and gold is delusional.  The Eagles dominated San Francisco from start to finish.

I also know of a great many fans of the Minnesota Vikings.  Especially when you get to eastern Idaho.  They aren’t far from Montana, and that’s Vikings' territory.  The Vikes are beloved in their home state, Iowa, and the Dakotas, according to Sportskeeda.  That means there are a lot of people in the northern Midwest who’ve known nothing but heartbreak during their lives.

Many of these rankings are subject to change.  Before the Seahawks won a championship, you probably had some fence-sitters.  Then came the bandwagon gang.  Now that Seattle stinks, how many more years before they return to their first loves?  I suspect the Raiders and 49ers will see a spike in interest the longer Seattle keeps laying eggs.   And what's the deal with the buzzard on the helmet?

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