The first time I ever saw Taysom Hill play I realized he was special.  He was quarterbacking the BYU Cougars and he was the type of player who gets knocked down, gets back up and looks like he can’t wait to butt heads on the next play.  Hill was a star football player in Pocatello before college.  Friends who saw him as a teenager tell me he was a ferocious defensive back.  He would often step up to the line and stuff a runner as well as crushing receivers downfield.

Now he’s in a competition to be the next starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.  Future Hall of Famer Drew Brees has retired.  Hill and former Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston are battling to be the starter.  As you can see from the picture at the top of the page, it’s a friendly competition.

Teammates have referred to him as the Swiss Army Knife due to his versatility on the field.

Winston can throw the long ball.  The Saints thrive on the passing game.  Winston also has a history of turning the ball over.  As you can see from this link, Hill isn’t known as a downfield passer but last year had a startling completion percentage.  He also won three of four games filling in for an injured Brees.

Hill has a couple of other things going for him.  He’s an absolute bull.  He can play tight end and fullback.  Teammates have referred to him as the Swiss Army Knife due to his versatility on the field.  He can also return kicks and punts and hammers people when on the kickoff team.  If Winston gets the starting job, Taysom Hill will still have a major role in the New Orleans offense.

He’s no longer a young man.  After serving as a missionary and an extended stay at BYU, he ended up in Green Bay.  In one pre-season game he took off from the pocket, weaved his way through the defense and scored on a long run.  He looked like a bigger version of another BYU alum, Steve Young.  The Packers put Hill on waivers thinking he would clear.  Look, if I saw his potential from my living room, so did the Saints!  He got snatched away by New Orleans.  I’ve been boycotting the NFL but if there’s an opportunity to see the talented Idahoan play, I’ll tune in this fall.


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