First, the list wasn’t alphabetical.  I had to do some scrolling to find Idaho.  By the way, Utah gets a broadcast mention for the work of Philo Taylor Farnsworth.  While he was a Utah guy, much of his early broadcast work was in Idaho Falls.  Sometimes we don’t get the credit we deserve.  Then I came across the actual entry for Idaho and I was filled with pride.

Why is it Called a Pulaski?

Ed Pulaski wasn’t a native Idahoan but he made history when he landed work with the newly created Forest Service and was stationed in Wallace.  He may be considered the greatest firefighter in American history and the tool that bears his name remains standard among fire departments and agencies nationwide.  The Pulaski doubles as an ax and a pick.

Pulaski came to fame during the Big Burn in north Idaho that destroyed millions of acres.  His life up to that point had no clear signs of his leadership skills and his cool-headedness.  He imposed strict discipline on his men during the blaze and he saved nearly all of the lives in his charge.

The Tool Carries the Name of the Inventor

Pulaski was an ordinary man who when called to higher service set the same standard as the tool that bears his name.

Many of the states included in this list have marvelous inventions but as I scrolled through I could find few that also include heroism and immediate crisis.

You can learn more about Ed Pulaski in this film.  Or you once could’ve heard his story recited by the great Paul Harvey.

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