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I thought southern Idaho dodged a bullet last fire season, however.  In some parts of the state, there were some very stubborn burns.  I noticed this story on my phone feed this morning.  From taxpayer-supported public radio in Wyoming.  I assume the writer learned about it from a news release, just like a lot of other people in the media.  The numbers cited may have already been known last fall but are now official.

Idaho saw the fifth worst destruction nationwide from last summer’s wildfires.  Alaska and Texas are regulars on the list.  Simply because those states are so geographically large.  New Mexico made the list, primarily because of one catastrophic once-in-a-generation burn.

Are we getting more big fires than in the past?  News media likes to claim it’s a sign of man-made climate change.  I’m not so sure.  The 1910 fire that destroyed millions of acres in north Idaho had no relation to our modern global warming bogeyman.  A friend told me stories about his dad fighting vicious wildfires in the 1930s, a decade that was dry and hot.

When I was a little boy watching Lassie, it seemed Corey was battling a fire every week. Fiction, yes, but the writers got the idea from somewhere.

Today’s fires are assisted by disease, and the massive organic carpet, which acts as fuel.  You could move it, but some whack-a-doodle tree-hugging leftist would scream you’re desecrating the habitat of earthworms.  He would rather the little creatures cook every summer.

I realize liberals don’t like being called dumb ***es.  There’s a simple solution to this last problem.  Stop being the village idiot.

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