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Did you know that 80 percent of the subsidies paid to buyers of electric vehicles go to people making more than $100,000 a year?   If EV goals are met, carbon released into the atmosphere would be reduced by less than one-half of one percent.  And the climate won’t be saved by EVs according to the International Energy Association.  These are all bullet points from a YouTube video posted by Kite and Key Media.

The website also chimes in today with some warnings about the drive for EVs.  If this doesn’t work, and there are warning signs, then Western economies and governments are going to be in sorry shape.  You should look at the history of five-year plans developed by the extinct Soviet Union.

I would also like you to check out the Twitter video below.  It features a new campaign commercial from environmentalists Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Jordan Peterson.  The two men agree that the climate change threat is being used by totalitarians to exert more control over the plebeians.

I don’t expect the tree-hugging lefties reading this will grasp what’s afoot.  They were the servile minions demanding that the rest of us wear masks while grocery shopping three years ago.  The people who would rush from eight aisles away to wag a finger under your nose.

We are going down the wrong road.  The green path is a wealth transfer.  You’ll be poorer when it’s over.  The politically connected will be wealthier.  You’ll also be chained to your local 15-minute community like a serf.  The John Kerry types will continue flying, sailing, and driving whenever and wherever they wish.

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