It was only a matter of time.  The Hamas wing of the American Kook-a-Loo Party has set up shop in Boise.  Have protest, will travel.  State Senator Tammy Nichols spotted the hemp clothing crowd at an encampment near the Capitol.  When someone told them the lawn needed mowing, she said the whackos pulled up stakes and moved to the Capitol steps.  Hey, hey, ho, ho, the windy weather has to go…

I’m not sure if the terrorist sympathizers are still pestering passersby, but don’t these people have jobs?  Does George Soros bankroll the unemployed for whatever evil cause crosses his fancy?

You know, there aren’t any public showers in downtown Boise, but much like the boomers from the 1960s, why clean up?

I had written last week that we hadn’t seen encampments on college campuses located in the Intermountain West, but it’s not like we don’t have a handful of malcontents.  When they’re not putting up statues of Baphomet, the rent a mob is available for action on any unworthy cause.

Did you see the latest poll from the liberal publication Axios?  There’s a link here.

It appears the majority of college students are fed up with their classmates’ bad behavior.  Keep in mind, that many of the rabble-rousers on campus are paid professional agitators.  I suspect that’s the case in Boise.  They aren’t going to find many converts, and with summer coming, they’ll be needed to torch Portland and Seattle.  Load up the Volkswagon bus and go west my tie-dyed friends!  Please.

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