Friends like to tell me that Idaho is full.  They’re talking about the population boom.  The one that’s spurred by the West Coast exodus, as conservatives and people just plain sick of taxes and regulations look for relief.  Is it going to end anytime soon?  Not if we keep seeing news stories that double as slick promotional videos!

I watched a video this week from Fox News.  It was a lengthy news story (more than seven minutes) about several Left Coast refugees who’ve found a better life here.  The story includes soothing music and lovely pictures of our scenery.  The focus is on the panhandle region, which has been a haven for the newcomers for decades.

The video leads me to believe we’ll be seeing an even speedier migration.  People who look at it can’t help but fall in love with what they see.  And the people featured have only great things to say about their new lives in the Gem State.

We’re having some growing pains.  As evidenced by housing costs.  Still, if there are positives, the people interviewed look to be very nice and very productive.  They can bring something marketable.  They’re not looking for a government check.

There’s also a political dimension.  Even with the efforts of liberals to water down our primary selection process and institute ranked-choice voting, Idaho is getting even deeper red.  The new people appear to hold strong convictions and I’ll wager they vote in large numbers.  Because they don’t want to see Idaho become California, Oregon, or Washington State.

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